MYO Instant Decorating Bag

myo instant decorating bag
MYO Instant Decorating Bag

Convert a basic baggie into an instant cake or cookie decorating bag with this easy tip . . .

You’ll Need:

Basic Baggie
Frosting Coupler
Frosting/Cake Decorating Tip

  • Snip the corner of the baggie off.
  • Place the desired frosting tip you wish to use on top of the coupler base and slide it into the baggie.
  • Slide the coupler screw over the outside of the frosting tip and screw it gently into place
  • Fill the baggie with frosting, melted chocolate or whatever else you’d like to use and decorate as desired.
  • If you’re using a store brand baggie and have had an issue with the seams bursting, tape the edge of the bag with masking or duct tape first at the seam, folding it over. This will prevent seam splits.

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