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Anti-Cellulite Spa Wrap

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Body wraps have been touted for years to reduce cellulite instantly, firm the skin and reduce the rippled skin effect that is caused by cellulite. Unfortunately, they’re also extremely expensive, sometimes costing as much as $200 per wrap! Here’s an inexpensive, do it yourself wrap that you can do in the comfort of your own home.
This isn’t a mess-free home spa project, in fact, it can get rather messy, but it’s also kind of fun. The gauze can be purchased at the dollar store for (you guessed it!) a dollar! I prefer the 4″ size because it covers more area. You’ll need 1 roll per area you want to treat, 1 for each thigh, 1 for your stomach, 1 for each arm, etc. We do not recommend ever wrapping the face or neck.

How do they help you lose Weight?

Body wraps have been around for centuries, but they don’t actually help you lose weight. They can help you appear to have lost inches, but this effect is temporary due to the constriction. The only real way to lose weight is with diet and exercise. Wraps work by extracting toxins from your cells, reportedly by opening the pores and allowing the toxins to seep out. Whether or not these claims are true, a body wrap can make you feel like you’ve spent the day at a spa!

You’ll need:
Several Rolls of Gauze
Plastic Wrap/Saran Wrap

Spa Wrap Mix #1

1 cup of epsom Salts
4 cups very hot water
25 drops Juniper Essential Oil
5 Drops White Camphor Essential Oilor 5 drops Lemon Oil
1/4 c. Aloe Vera Gel
1 tsp Vitamin E oil

In a large bowl, Dissolve the epsom salts in the hot water. Add the Juniper essential oil (not Fragrance oil), aloe and vitamin E oil, stirring the water to mix well. Drop the entire roll of gauze into the spa water. Allow it to soak in. Standing in the bath or shower, wrap the soaked gauze firmly around the area you wish to treat. You’ll need to do this quickly, you want the mixture to stay hot. In order to secure it into place and keep it warm, wrap the treated area with saran wrap or other plastic wrap.

Repeat until you’ve wrapped all areas that you wish to treat. Once you’ve successfully wrapped yourself, leave this on for about 30 minutes.


Clay Wrap: *Bulk herbs can usually be found at your local health food store, natural foods store or co-op.

2 cups of Dry Clay Powder
1 c. Epsom Salts
1 c. HOT water
1 c. Dried Herbs (chamomile, ginger, lavender, calendula)*
2 Tbs Oil (Flax, Almond, or Grapeseed)

Combine all the ingredients, apply to the skin, wrap tightly with gauze and then plastic wrap.

Remember to drink lots of water before, during and after the wrap! Your body cannot get rid of toxins without ample hydration.

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7 thoughts on “Anti-Cellulite Spa Wrap”

  1. would love to see before / after – although understand might be uncomfortable taking them – at least a personal experience of satisfaction or not….

  2. many many years ago…in a time far away…my ex didn’t like my body and paid for me to get this done…. i didn’t do it long…it was messy, my skin was sweaty and i was dehydrated. ladies if you do this please make sure you consume some extra fluids to keep you healthy (preferably water).

    and yes it was fun to go to the “clinic” and get wrapped… it was years later i realized i was trying to improve on my then health 150 lb 5’10” frame. lol.

    Now I look back and I think that girls that way that much are skinny. Now I weigh…well lets just say its along ways from 150 lbs. and wish I could be that happy go lucky girl again.:Drogar-Shock(LBG):

  3. I think I’ll try the one who the clay. It would stick to the skin better I think. Kind of similar to a facial mask but the gauze will keep it in place on the body.

    Thanks for the idea.

  4. i keep reading about how caffeine also helps tighten skin and help cellulite when used in body scrubs and wraps. adding coffee grounds to the clay wrap might be a fun, if pungent, experiment?

  5. good way to keep your solution hot while you do it is using a roaster or crockpot. that’s how we do it at the salon i work for. also cotton undies should be worn because then the solution can seep through them if you wrap your behind or chest. plus any stains from the wraps come out of cotton easier, at least when i have done it.

  6. This would be a great activity to do with a friend. You could each help the other wrap, it is a little difficult to do it yourself. Great best friend or sister time.


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