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Pantyhose saver

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If you need to wear pantyhose as a daily part of your wardrobe it can be expensive and frustrating at times. It is almost always one leg that is ruined. Don’t despair, here’s an easy fix . . .
Cut off the ruined leg of the panty and slip into two one-legged pairs. Of course you cut off an amount of the panty that suits you best.
You can cut off the leg at mid thigh… can cut off the leg at the crotch…..or you can cut off the leg and part of the panty by cutting from the crotch to the waistband (but not through the waistband.)

It is easier to accumulate a collection one one legged pantyhose to pair up if you buy the same brand and and same colors most of the time.

If a run is just beginning, put a dab of clear fingernail polish at the beginning and end of the run, it will prevent it from spreading further.

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