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Tips-n-Tricks- Opening Plastic Packaging Easily

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Frustrated with packages that are sealed up like Fort Knox? Here is a simple, dirt cheap, tried and true method for getting into those packages easily and without getting painful cuts/scrapes all over your hands!

To open packages easily, use a cheap can opener! They can be found at dollar stores or in the household goods aisle at your local walmart or target for as little as .68 cents! This simple tip can save you time and frustration of searching for scissors strong enough to cut through horrible plastic packaging. Simply run the can opener around the edge of the packaging all the way around and it will open easily.


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2 thoughts on “Tips-n-Tricks- Opening Plastic Packaging Easily”

  1. thank you for this tip, it came in rather handy this year. but- i used the really cheap can opener (i’m talkin’ dollah store!). i still managed to cut my knuckle on some of the plastic.

    you’d think they’d make a law against so much waste, seriously.

  2. this seems like the safest way to open those pesky packages, i am going to put my extra one in the household tool drawer.:coffeebath:


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