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Emergency Stitches

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Here is a tip worth remembering- if you happen to get a nasty cut that will require stitches but you don’t have access to a doctor or hospital- you can make your own emergency stitches . . .
Crack a fresh egg, dump out the egg, near the crack carefully grasp a piece of the membrane. Gently pull off the membrane and apply it directly to the cut requiring stitches. It will dry quickly and seal the cut shut, preventing anything nasty from entering it. Be sure that you’ve washed out the cut the best you can before applying the membrane and seek medical attention as soon as possible.

I once witnessed a cook cut his finger while preparing for the dinner rush, apply an egg membrane (& a glove) and finish his shift before he went to the hospital where he received 9 stitches for the gash.

**Update** Applied this to trick to a Wart that got ripped off a child’s knee while he was playing and it just wouldn’t stop bleeding everywhere, Worked like a charm!**

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14 thoughts on “Emergency Stitches”

  1. good tip! my daughter lives on a farm with her husband and daughter. they own chickens, so the eggs are plentiful!:stars::stars:

  2. I really like this idea…since the membrane is porous and permeable, I wonder if you could apply some antibacterial ointment to one side and apply a bandage over it? Unless you happen to be allergic to egg products it seems like it might avoid some scarring as well. Can’t wait to try this.


  3. that’s awesome!! i can picture myself saying, “everything will be okay. someone just give me an egg!!”

    my family would look at me like i was cracked worse than the egg!! love it!

  4. i didn’t know this one, and with both of us being on blood thinners and 45 minutes away from a hospital this is going to me more at ease when one of us gets a nasty cut:chicky:

    • It is the collagen in the egg whites that starts the healing. Women used to use egg whites for wrinkles and to spruce their skin up.


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