Sopping Countertop Prevention

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Sopping Countertop Prevention

Next time you have to cut up a watermelon, tomatoes, cantaloupe or any other over-ripe or overly juicy fruit or veggie, you’ll appreciate this valuable tip to help keep your counter tops clean and mess free!

Preparing fruits and veggies can make a nasty mess of the countertops and floors from the sticky drips!


To avoid a nasty mess place the cutting board within a large baking sheet. The sheet will collect any juices that run out of the fruit/veggies and keep the mess contained. To prevent the baking sheet from sliding around during cutting, place a hand towel underneath it.


Simply drain the juice into the sink, scrape off any seeds in the rubbish or compost pile and your kitchen countertops stay clean and sticky-free!

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  1. very good idea. i think a dish tray, the old fashioned type that sits under a dish drying rack would work also. possibly eliminate the need for the tea towel underneath.

    you are an inspiration to me.

    thank you.

  2. i learn something every time i come to budget 101.I’m new here so I have a lot to learn. Thanks for sharing.

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