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Perfect Sliced Strawberries

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Slicing strawberries for cakes, pies or other desserts can seem like a tedious chore that leaves your fingers stained pink. Here’s a simple tip using a common kitchen gadget you likely already have.

How to Hull Strawberries

Before slicing the berries, you’ll want to remove the hull (or calyx), which is the green leafy top of the berry. There are several ways to do this, you can use a small sharp knife and cut in a circular motion, or use even poke a straw through the bottom of the berry out the top!

How to Hull Strawberries

How to create Perfect Sliced Strawberries

Once the hull has been removed, place the strawberry in the egg slicer, gently press down. This does not work on strawberries that have been refrigerated, under-ripe, or frozen, as it will break your egg slicer. This works best on ripe berries that are room temperature.


How to Dice Strawberries

To Dice strawberries easily, slice them in one direction (see above) pick up the entire strawberry, rotate it 180 degrees and slice it again. Voila- easy diced strawberries!

How to Slice in Bulk

While the above technique works well in a pinch for a handful of berries, if you’re going to be slicing a large number of strawberries, you might want to consider getting a handheld stainless steel strawberry slicer.  They also work wonderfully on olives, mushrooms, cherries, and grapes.


 If we’re making strawberry bunny parfaits, we use the egg slicer. However, if we’re creating a dessert for a crowd, the handheld slicer works wonderfully in a fraction of the time.



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