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Instant Sand Removal Tip (No water!)

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Going to the beach can be a blast, but beach play can turn frustrating rather quickly when sand finds it’s way into uncomfortable places! Here is a simple instant sand removal tip, hint- No water needed!

Getting sand in your bathing suit is NO FUN and can cause a lot of unnecessary tears on beach day. What if we told you that there is a very simple way to ensure ALL the sand comes off the kids, tear free and without spending 20 minutes under a hose or faucet?


To remove sand completely and instantly from skin, sprinkle sand covered area liberally with cheap baby powder, wait a moment and then lightly brush off with hand or towel.
The sand will come right off without scratching the skin. This method works wonderfully on little children as well as adults. If using on children be careful they’re not inhaling the dust from the powder. Any brand of baby powder will do, even the dollar store versions.

In addition to instantly being more comfortable and not having sand settle into crevices it shouldn’t be, now you won’t have to spend hours vacuuming your car out after a trip to the beach!

Before your next trip to the beach you might want to consider grabbing an old fitted sheet to create a sand-free picnic area for the family.


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7 thoughts on “Instant Sand Removal Tip (No water!)”

  1. i knew about this but did you know that it is a great way to get rid of the little hairs left after you get a hair cut

  2. as i had just set up my girls new sandbox tonight, i remembered this tip and it still works beautifully! not only does it get rid of the sand, but leaves their skin soft as well. best tip on this?

    be sure to rub the powder into your hands first that way when you apply it to your little ones, the sand won’t stick to you!

  3. corn starch works just as well. keep a ziploc bag with an old wash rag in your car, pull the rag out and dust the sand away


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