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MYO: Wildlife Milk Replacement Formula

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In addition to being a complete waste of money, puppy and kitten replacement formulas will also kill orphaned wild critters, squirrels in particular.

Squirrels do not have the ability to digest albumin (which is a protein found in eggs, commonly found in most manufactured replacement milk). Here is a simple homemade wildlife milk replacement formula that is tried and true.

To be perfectly honest, most wildlife “rehabilitation” books & guides are not designed to actually save lives, they’re designed to end them. It’s a fact, albeit a sad one.

While we obviously recommend that you bring any orphaned baby to a rehabilitation specialist in your area, that’s not always possible. This little girl below was discovered by a neighbors dog who very proudly carried her home, she was in rough shape, dehydrated and cold.


When To Feed an Orphaned Critter

BEFORE YOU START: Do not feed a cold animal!

If you just found an orphaned baby critter, be sure the animal is warm BEFORE you feed it. If it is cold, it will be unable to digest the food and will die. Place a towel over a heating pad and gently & slowly warm the critter before feeding.

First and foremost, if you have a pet nursing bottle, throw it away. It will NOT work for your squirrel. What it WILL do is cause them to aspirate formula and give them pneumonia (which is essentially SLOW drowning).

If you aren’t sure whether you can control the flow of the syringe or not, I recommend practicing with warm water so you don’t accidentally drown the baby critter you’re attempting to help.


Having a vast variety of animals (horses, goats, pigs, dogs, cats, ferrets, fish, squirrels, etc) we keep several sizes of oral syringes on hand. They’re very inexpensive, you can pick them up for a dollar at places like Tractor Supply, Paris Farmers Union, Farm Supply Stores.

In the event that you don’t need them in an emergency for a critter of some sort, you can always use them to fill strawberry jello shots!


See Also: Complete Nutrition Nut Balls for Squirrels

For a Full and Complete Detailed Rehabilitation Guide for Raising Orphaned or Injured Baby Squirrels (& rabbits) please see This Amazing Resource by Clarissa Summers. We have used her guide to successfully raise 23 squirrels (that’s a 100% Success Rate folks) and 2 baby rabbits.

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How to MYO Wildlife Milk Replacement Formula for Orphaned Babies

Here are photos of Very Happy Healthy Squirrels who have been raised on the Scalded Milk/Nutball Diet.

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