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Weatherproof Camera Tip

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Getting a great shot with your point and shoot camera is a must all year round- but sometimes there are moments when you need to store it away from inclement weather or prevent it from getting accidentally turned on while it’s in your purse! Here is a simple tip that could save your camera . . .

Small point and shoot cameras are wonderfully easy to pack away for trips, hikes and family adventures- but how many times have you gone to use your camera only to find that the battery is dead because it accidentally got bumped “On” while it was in your purse or bag?

Place your camera inside a travel soap box, (this one pictured here is from the dollar store!), for a simple- instant hard protective case that is virtually waterproof!weatherproof-camera-tip

It provides extra protection for your camera while sledding, skiing, amusement park rides, beach bag sand, and more. Simply tuck it into the soapbox when you’re not using it and put in in your purse.

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