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Amazing Drain Cleaner

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Having a clogged drain is no fun, particularly when you’ve just started rinsing the soap out of your hair and water is puddling at your feet! Here is a dirt cheap, super simple fix that will have even the toughest clog cleared in no time!
Recently my kids casually mentioned to me (just before running out the door to catch the school bus), that the drain in their bathroom wasn’t working. So naturally, I went in to see how bad the “clog” was and was mortified to discover the drain wasn’t “draining” at ALL.


Here’s the Simple CURE:

1 c. Baking Soda
2 c. White Vinegar

Pour 1 c. of Baking soda down the drain. This is easier said than done if you have a built-in drain plug. Get as much of the baking soda into the drain as you possibly can. Add 2 c. of vinegar and then cover the drain.

Wait 30 minutes, let it work it’s Magic!

After 30 minutes, pour 8-10 cups of near boiling water down the drain. I just ran a pot of water through my coffee pot and used that, perfect temperature.


Once the clog surfaces, you can use a snake hair removal tool to pull out hair and debris from the drain.

Starting with a Severely Clogged Drain

If you’re starting with a drain where water already in the sink and won’t go down at all, you can add 1/4 c. of Washing Soda to the drain. Sprinkle it liberally over the drain area, pour 2 c. hot water down the drain. Sprinkle another 1/4 c. liberally over the drain, let it set up to an hour, pour down 4-6 cups boiling water.


NEVER, EVER, EVER use the Washing Soda method if you have Recently used Commercial Drain Cleaner. They will violently react with each other.

Washing soda is considerably more alkaline (pH 11) than baking soda and should not be overused as it can lead to damage of pvc pipes.

Once the drain is flowing again, apply the baking soda method.

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