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Perfect Serving Size Ice Cream Tip

Perfect Serving Size Ice Cream Tip

One of my biggest pet peeves of parties is trying to dish out ice cream while everyone is deciding which flavor they want and whether they want a lot or just a little, etc. Here is my recently discovered remedy!

The next time you’re having a party, scoop out the ice cream into heavy duty foil muffin cups lined on a cookie sheet. When it’s time to serve the hungry partygoers, simply pull the cookie sheet out of the freezer and let them choose whatever flavor(s) they like.


I did this at my son’s recent 13th Birthday party and realized quickly that the kids didn’t even want spoons, they just munched the ice cream right out of the handy wrapper! Great way to serve, mess-free and without hassle.

Ice Cream Freshness Test


Also, when you’re purchasing ice cream, always press the top of the container first. If it’s solid the ice cream has been properly stored, however, if an indentation is made or it depresses at all, it means that the ice cream has thawed at some point and shouldn’t be consumed!

Topping Ideas:

Perfect Serving Size Ice Cream Tip
Via Meals4Moms Ice Cream Party Ideas

Another party favorite is to add various ice cream toppings to a separated dip dish to allow the party goers to scoop out their favorite toppings onto their ice cream cups.



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  1. i tried it for my home made ice cream it worked great. i also stuck a lolly stick in some before putting them in freezer. its great for the children to eat in the garden.


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