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Natural Stress Reliever

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Relieve stress and muscle tension with ease using a common, popular garden plant, often found climbing walls and fences.
To use for stress, prepare a fresh mug of tea steeping a teaspoon of dried passionflower leaves in a mug of hot water for 5-7 minutes. Sweeten lightly with honey, if desired.

This is a wonderfully relaxing tea to promote restful sleep as well.

This plants can also be decanted into a tincture, but the plant should be harvested at the early flowering stage. To make a tincture we use the leaves and flower buds, wash them under cool running water and then lightly chop them or snip them with scissors into a clean mason jar. Add enough menstruum (such as vodka) to completely cover the herb. You’ll want to choose a high proof alcohol (at least 80 proof) and avoid liqueurs with flavorings. Do not add water, as this will cause mold to grow in your finished product.

Cover it tightly and keep in a Cool, dark place, shaking the jar once daily for about 2 week. Then strain off the herb and discard the plant pieces.

Store in a cool, dark place.

Adult Usage: 1 -2 Droppersful up to 4x’s daily, as needed. The easiest way to take a tincture is to place a dropperful in a shot glass of water.

Important to Note: Please be extremely careful when foraging for plants, many plants look similar and if you ingest the wrong plant unknowingly it could cause serious health risks. This information is provided based on our own experiences & is not medical advice.

More Information about Passionflower can be found here

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1 thought on “Natural Stress Reliever”

  1. i looked this up, while i dont have even a garden i am planning to next season. since i have to be dead exhausted before i can fall asleep, thought great something that might help. but a warning on this plant and its uses!

    do not use if pregnant, it has been known to cause the uterus to contract. that came from medline, but another site i found helpful was the uom.



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