Easy Campfire Control

easy campfire control
Easy Campfire Control

Campfires are undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable moments of the summer! However, they can become hazardous and cause long-lasting damage if they get out of hand. Here is a simple, inexpensive tip for an eco-friendly campfire . . .

Before leaving your campsite, make sure that your fire is completely extinguished. To do so quickly, toss handfuls of baking soda directly onto the fire.

This works well on grease fires as well!

Why it works:

Fire needs oxygen in order to burn, by tossing baking soda onto the fire, the oxygen supply source is cut off and replaced with carbon dioxide (which is heavier than air and does Not burn.)

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  1. i love this idea. i use a paper towel center roll filler with baking soda and covered with plastic wrap and alum. foil.

    just in case of a kitchen fire.

    {a gift from a grand child.} but i never thought about using baking soda for a campfire. thank you.:lalala:

  2. I’m not really sure why I never thought of doing this, but after seeing this article a couple weeks ago we decided to try it. It works really FAST, surprisingly fast.

    Thanks for sharing this tip

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