Bitter Cucumber Cure

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Tired of Bitter Cucumbers? Ever bought a cucumber and added it to your salad only to discover that it was rather bitter? Did you know that you can prevent this from happening? Here’s how!
This cure is rather well known in the New England area of the United States, but I’ve discovered that it’s considerably less common in other regions.

Unbeknownst to many folks, cucumbers contain 2 compounds, Cucurbitacin B and cucurbitacin C, which produce a rather bitter taste in cucumbers. There is, however, a rather simple cure for this!

Simply slice the end off the cucumber (approximately 2 cm thick), rub the sliced end in a circular motion.

This will create a light white foam (the thicker the foam, the higher the bitterness level in the cucumber!). Repeat on both ends of the cucumber.

The theory on this is that the bitterness is drawn out into the very ends – you can test this theory by tasting the end piece vs a slice from the remedied cucumber! Tasting is believing!

Peel, prepare and eat as you desire.

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  1. i did’nt know the reason for it, i just have always done it because my mom always did. there as a time in my life, i had wondered why mom did this, but never really asked. the funny thing is, when i read bitter cucumber cure, i was confused because i had never had a bitter cucumber.

    i guess this would be why.

  2. my husband tought me. at first i didnt belive him; (lol) but my husband knows when i don’t have time to do this for him. i’m not much on cucumbers and dont eat them unless they are cooked in something.

    maybe i need to try one after doing this to it.

  3. my sister in law showed me this years ago. works., if you’re not sure about this one just try a taste of the stuff foaming out of it – bitter.

  4. thank you!! i’ve never heard this one before and lately every cucumber has been bitter. i’m anxious to remedy them once & for all.


  5. Another bitter cucumber hint,Cut the ends off the cucumber take a fork and score the cucumber all the way around using the tines of the fork you can do this with the peels on or off rinse cucumber off with water

  6. I had never heard of this before and will be trying it with my home grown cucumbers as a couple of them have been a bit bitter. I’ve shared with my Easy Urban Gardens readers!

  7. Wow I never heard of this before. I love cucumbers and eat them as a snack. I hate when I bite into a bitter cucumber.

    This is so good to know .

  8. My grandmother was from upstate NY and taught me this when I was young. When I asked why it worked she said she didn’t know it just did. Nice to finally have an explanation.

    Sadly I cannot share it with her as she has gone on now.

  9. this hint could have saved me quite a bit of money a couple of years ago………….I am going to share these words of wisdom!

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