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How to get Tree Sap off Hands

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Anyone who’s ever cleared property or dragged a live Christmas tree in or out the house knows that tree sap (aka pitch) is horrible to get off skin. Here is a simple tried and true tip for removing nasty sap without harsh chemicals and leaves your skin silky soft in the process!

We recently cleared an acre or so of land to make additional pasture areas for our horses, but these straggly pines left a mess behind on our clothes and skin. Here’s a simple way to remove it effortlessly.

How to Remove Pitch (Pine Sap) from your Skin

Apply about a tablespoon of olive oil to stained hands, rub vigorously to work the pitch off of the skin.


After a few minutes, wash hands normally with a dab of dish soap and they’ll be nice and clean!

Special thank you to my son – first for helping to clear an acre of pines over the weekend and second, for letting me snap photos of his filthy hands.


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