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MYO: Glassware Scrubby

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Yesterday I reached into a cupboard to retrieve a pyrex glassware pan and discovered that my kids weren’t doing such a great job on their chores! If you have baked on food on a glass pan or oven rack, don’t sweat it- here’s a tried and true simple tip for removing it fast.

Ball up a small piece of aluminum foil, add a bit of dishwashing liquid and hot water to the pan and scrub lightly. This is an excellent way to reuse aluminum foil & will have your pans looking new in no time.

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8 thoughts on “MYO: Glassware Scrubby”

  1. i also save the plastic netting from ham, turkey, or onion bags. then cut them into “scrubby” sizes. they work great and didn’t cost anything extra.

  2. love the idea about the faoil and the comment above about the plastic netting. can’t wait to give then both a try.

  3. Thanks for the scrubby idea. I will have to try it. I think I will try the foil in the dryer idea too.

    We have a lot of static.


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