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5 Surprising Natural Cleansers

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I’m willing to bet you never considered White bread as a cleaning agent! Here are 5 surprising household staples that double as effective, inexpensive cleaners.
1. Whitebread – Use a slice of fresh white bread to gently dust a dirty oil painting, simply dab very gently to pick up dust and grime.

2.Grimy Hand Cleanser– Been working hard in the garden? Make a thick paste of oatmeal and water to scrub grimy hands. Rinse well for a silky smooth finish.

3. Cornstarch– Remove greasy spots on carpeting or dining room seat cushions, simply sprinkle a couple tablespoons of cornstarch onto the grease spots, let set 30 minutes and vacuum clean. Voila! Bye-Bye Grease

4. Ketchup– it isn’t just for french fries! Add a dab of ketchup to a soft clean cloth and use it to remove the tarnish from copper and brass cookware, rinse with warm water and dry.

5. Walnuts- Hardwood Scratch Fillers– discovering scratches in your hardwood floors can be frustrating, but don’t worry, simply rub shelled walnuts into surface scratches, allowing the natural oils in the walnuts to help hide the flaws.

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