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Bath & Body Recipes for Men

Here are several recipes for luxurious bath items, homemade cosmetics, hair care items, and gift recipes for the guys.

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2 thoughts on “Bath & Body Recipes for Men”

  1. Every man needs products to help him take care of his hair and skin. I have a favorite Woodsy Aftershave Lotion that I like to use

    You Will Need:
    8 oz Natural Botanical Lotion
    1/2 tsp Cedarwood Essential Oil
    1/2 tsp Lavender, Bulgarian Essential Oil
    20 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil
    10 drops Rosewood Essential Oil

    Combine all ingredients in a sterile container and mix thoroughly. Transfer to a bottle, seal & store until you’re ready to use it!

  2. Natural skin care products aren’t just for the ladies; men need decent body care too! I’m always looking for a decent aftershave balm and I love foot soaks. I can’t wait to try out some of these fabulous DIY recipes.


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