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Icy Paws Frozen Dog Treats

As a kid I remember my mother on rare occasions purchasing cute little four packs of icy paws frozen dog treats for our sweet old dog. They smelled rather like frozen pancake batter.

To this day I still enjoy watching my dog enjoy his frozen treats, but now I prefer to make my own at a fraction of the cost. Here are two tried and true recipes your pet is sure to love…

Both of these recipes can be poured into actual ice cream cones if your pet enjoys the cone too! Just be sure to tell the rest of the family that they’re for your furry kids!

Icy Paws Frozen Dog Treats

64 oz plain or vanilla yogurt
1 small can of tuna (drained)
2 teaspoons garlic powder (see note below)
24 (3 oz). Plastic (not paper) bathroom cups

Mix all ingredients in a bowl, spoon into plastic cups and freeze overnight. To serve,invert the cup, run under hot water for a second or two, pop the treat out of the cup into your pup’s dish. He/she will be thrilled!


A Note about the Garlic Use in Icy Paws Frozen Dog Treats

Garlic, in small doses is considered to be safe for dogs. There are reports that using garlic (which contains Thiosulphate can cause hemoytic anemia or liver damage, but garlic contains only Trace amounts of thiosulphate and a dog would have to consume HUGE amounts of this for negative effects to occur.

Vet Response on Garlic Safety

View this Holistic Vet’s View on Garlic for Pets

If you’re concerned about this, omit the garlic altogether.


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