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Dryer Sheet Sachet

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Dryer Sheet Sachet
2 used white dryer sheets
1 heaping tablespoon potpourri, any kind
3-4 inches of thin ribbon
hot glue

Place one dryer sheet over top of the other dryer sheet so that
the corners of the second sheets are centered at the sides of the
first sheet. Place the potpourri in the center of the sheets. Gather
up and tie with ribbon. Hot glue small decorative flowers or artificial



Make your own Dryer Sheet Sachet

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1 thought on “Dryer Sheet Sachet”

  1. has anyone tried this? i’m guessing that this is meant to be used on low or no-heat settings? does the hot glue melt on high settings?

    i’m thinking these could be easily hand stitched or ewn together. also could make reusable pouches out of old shirts. thoughts?


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