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Watercolor Paints

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Finding things to do inside during during the hot summer months (or even cold winters!) isn’t always easy with little ones. Here are some fun watercolor paints that you can make using basic pantry items- you can even turn them into scratch & sniff paints!

You’ll Need:
1 T vinegar
1 T baking soda
food coloring
4 T corn starch
1 T light corn syrup

Stir baking soda & vinegar in a small bowl, allow the foam to settle a minute or two and add a couple drops of the food coloring. Carefully mix in the remaining ingredients. Pour into small containers such as Styrofoam egg cartons (each batch makes 1 color). Allow to harden.

Liss Notes: To Create Scratch-n-Sniff Paints add 2 tsp of any flavor instant gelatin mix to your paints before they harden.

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