Bath Paints

bath paints
Bath Paints

Make your own fun Bath Paints for the kids to enjoy in the tub, washing up has never been so much fun!!

Recipe #1
4 Tbsp. Liquid soap
2-4 different Food colors
4 dixie cups

In each dixie cup place 1 T of soap and 1-3 drops of food coloring.

Stir with finger or toothpick.

Let the kids “paint” themselves & the tub. For added fun cut a sponge
into assorted shapes and let them “sponge paint” the walls with various
designs. Simply rinse when done.


Bath Paint #2
Use 4-6 Pumps/Squirts of baby shampoo
1 Tbs cornstarch
2-3 drops of food coloring
1-2 tsp water

Mix the starch and water, add the baby shampoo, mix well, divide into dixie cups add a drop of food coloring in each container to make various colors.

Bath Paint #3- Tear Free recipe

If you have a little one who has a tendency to go a bit wild when playing, you might want a Tear Free Formula.

Per Bath Paint Container:
1 Tbs Johnsons Baby Powder
1 teaspoon Johnsons Tear Free Bubble Bath
1 drop Food Coloring

to make several at once Combine 3 Tbs Baby Powder and 1 Tbs Tear Free Bubble Bath, mix, divide into a small plastic palette or dixie cups and add food coloring.

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  1. I seriously never knew making these was THIS simple, lol. I don’t like paying even $5 for something I can make in larger quantities for less money. Thank you for sharing this!

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