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MYO Baby Formula: Natural Healthy Infant Formula

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** Under certain circumstances, it may be alright to use homemade formula, but consult your baby’s pediatrician before introducing this to your infant. Breastfeeding is always the best choice, with commercially prepared formulas second.

Always Consult your baby’s pediatrician before introducing this to your infant.

Natural Healthy Infant Formula

This formula is a soy-based formula. Rice- or oatmeal-based formulas are also nutritious and well-tolerated.

To make one gallon, blend the following ingredients:
Two tablespoons total of oil. Use flax, olive, safflower, or canola oil in combination or singularly. Organic is best.
Add one tablespoon lecithin granules, to allow the fats to mix better in the formula and in the belly.
400 IU powdered vitamin D. This is important when sunlight exposure is less than optimal.
One teaspoon of powdered Bifidus-type acidophilus bacteria, such as Natren, Lactopriv, Eugalan, Topfer, or other powders.
700 gm. of powdered Calcium lactate. Many non-dairy infant formulas do not contain optimal calcium amounts.
100 mg. of Calcium ascorbate crystals.
1-3 tablespoons rice protein powder. Ultrabalance is recommended for added nutrients.
Eight heaping tablespoons of organic cane sugar (Sucanat or Turbinado).
One gallon of plain unsweetened organic soy milk. Two good brands are Westbrae Westsoy and Mighty Soy, Original Formula.

note A liquid pediatric multiple vitamin may be used with this formula; Floridix or NF are two suggestions. At 5 months, molasses may be added for extra iron, and kelp for iodine.

Special Thanks to JoAnn Castigliego Sanchez for the information above.

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