“Suprise” Bubble Bath Gel

“Surprise” Bubble Bath Jelly Jars

1 packet Unflavored Gelatin
3/4 cup Water (Boiling)
1/2 cup Clear Liquid Soap or Bubble Bath
Essential Oils – (Not Fragrance Oils which irritate the skin)
Food Coloring – optional (a few drops will not stain your tub).
Small objects (silk flowers, toys, small plastic figures, etc)
Clear container with lid: Check your local dollar-store, yard-sale, garage sale.

Combine Gelatin and Hot water in a small bowl, stirring until completely dissolved, gradually add in the liquid soap & 10 drops of whatever Essential oil you choose. To avoid foamy, do not overmix.

Gently pour mix into a clean, clear container. Carefully place your objects inside the jelly, and continue to add mixture until jar is full.

Allow to set in the Fridge for 3-5 hours.

To use: scoop out about 2 T of jelly and drop under warm running water to dissolve. (In the Bath)

Decorate the jar with raffia, a cute card, anything your heart desires. This makes a lovely addition to a gift basket.

Various Ideas:

* Try adding fish for a lovely aquarium bath gel.
* Create a deep blue and add glow in the dark stars for a children’s bath that’s sure to please
* Propose to your Sweetie by suspending a ring
* For Valentines, add heart confetti & a couple drops of red food coloring the possibilities are endless!

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