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Sugaring: Hair Removal Naturally

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Sugaring, also known as sugaring wax is an alternative to shaving or chemical hair removal. Sugar wax is made by heating sugars to create a wax like substance for epilation.

b101 homemade sugaring wax
It works best if the hair is fairly long, (about a weeks worth of growth!) and you must take care to follow the directions carefully to avoid burns.


Sugaring: Sugar Wax Recipe

You’ll Need:
1 cup of sugar
1/3 cup of honey
juice from 1/2 a lemon

2 tsp vegetable glycerin
craft sticks or tongue depressor
Strips of cloth or washcloths

Measure the sugar, honey, and lemon juice into a saucepan, over med/high heat until it reaches 240°F, stirring constantly.

The “wax” will turn an amber color. (You must bring it to exactly 240°F or it will not work, no matter how many times you “warm” it up.)

Pour it into a small wide-mouth jar, add 2 tsp glycerin, stirring well.

*Hints: When it is completely cooled you should be able to indent your finger into the mix and not have anything on your finger (like a sticky mess).

b101 homespa sugaring hair removal

How to Remove Hair Naturally by Sugaring, Step by Step

Bring the sugar wax to about 115°F (using a candy thermometer) either microwave it or boil some water and let the jar sit in the hot water for about 5 min.

** Be sure to test the temperature PRIOR to applying to your skin!**

Lightly dust the area to be waxed with cornstarch (very lightly): this is to remove any oils from the surface of your skin.

b101 sugaring hair removal step 1

* Note: You can blow your legs of with a hair dryer after to be sure they are only “Dusted”.

Apply the “wax” with a flat craft stick (looks like a tongue depressor), or similar item. (I’ve used a rubber spatula before, don’t tell my husband, lol). If you apply it with your fingers, you’ll have to stop and wash your hands between each strip.

sugaring wax recipe budget101

Dip the stick into your “wax” and apply a thin coat, (apply in the direction of your hair growth). You’ll find that the mix spreads better when it is warm.

b101 sugaring treatment

Apply a fabric strip and press very firmly. Holding your skin taught, pull the strip (quickly) AGAINST the direction of the hair growth.

sugaring hair removal step 3

*Liss Note: Be sure your fabric is smooth. If you have left wrinkles in it, you will have patches of hair.

Allow the strip to rest on the wax for a minute or so. Hold the skin taught and pull quickly. You can do this with or without the strips, but I’ve found it’s easier to remove the sugaring wax completely using the fabric strips.

sugaring hair removal results

If you don’t hold the skin taught, you’ll remove less than 1/2 the hair & will have to repeat. Also, remember to pull back against the hair growth, not up. You can actually use Washcloths folded into sections to do your legs. They’re easier to grip than plain fabric strips.

sugaring epilation

FAQ About Sugaring

Does Sugaring Hurt?

Sugaring hurts far less than waxing your legs. The first time it feels like ripping off a band-aid. It’s much easier after the first time, even on facial hair.

sugaring facial hair

How long does the hair have to be for Sugaring to work?

The hair must be at least 1/8 inch long, otherwise it doesn’t seem to work well.

sugaring let hair

Will my skin be red or bumpy afterwards?

Yes, for the first few hours (sometimes a full twenty-four hours) your legs may be red. This usually occurs the first 1-3 times you sugar them. Remember, you are removing hair at the follicle. The redness fades completely within a day. If you used glycerin in your mix, it will fade much sooner.

If your hair was very fine to begin with, you probably won’t have any redness.

Do I need to refrigerate the leftover “wax” ?

If you have added glycerin to your mix, you do not need to refrigerate. I have kept the “wax” in the bathroom cupboard for as long as 2 months without refrigerating it. (It was covered in a mason jar and contained glycerin).

sugar wax recipe by budget101

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5 thoughts on “Sugaring: Hair Removal Naturally”

  1. i tried this and it didn’t go well. i had it cooled down to 115 and couldn’t spread it. So I heated it up and when it was hot enough to spread on my legs it was painfully hot.

    It took off a piece of skin 🙁 I followed the directions carefully. Any ideas on what to do if I try again? I would love to find a workable alternative to shaving that isn’t expensive!

    • do you dispose of the cloth strips or can you wash/rinse and reuse?

      Wash and reuse, it’s just sugar water, it melts away. But I wash them in hot water.


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