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Natural Hair Spray

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Hair spray has a tendency to be loaded with a variety of harsh chemicals. Years ago, during those “hot” 80’s big hair days,
it wasn’t unusual to go though a can of Aquanet hair spray… every WEEK. Well, those days are long gone, but when I’d like to hold my style throughout the day, I prefer an all natural hair spray.

You’ll Need:
2 to 4 lemons, Sliced

Place the lemon slices in a small saucepan then completely cover all of the lemon slices in water. Simmer on low heat, covered for 1 hour, adding more water as needed. This will be fairly thick. Let cool, then strain through cheesecloth.

Pour into a pump spray bottle.

(This is great for light colored hair, but since I don’t have dark hair, I don’t know what effect it may have as lemons do have the ability to naturally lighten hair as well.

Spritz as you would regular hairspray, but perhaps NOT as much as those 80’s big hair days.

(Keep refrigerated when not in use).
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