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Natural Hair Straightener

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Straighten Hair Naturally

To Straighten your Hair Naturally, place 1/3 cup of milk in a spray bottle, spritz (dry) hair thoroughly, comb through, allow to set 20 minutes. Shampoo & Condition as usual.

You will find that your hair is very straight and silky.


1. Will my hair smell like spoiled milk?

no. if you follow the directions, your hair will not have any smell.

2. How long will the effects last?

until the next time you wash your hair.

3. Do I need to blow dry my hair?

No. Allow your hair to dry naturally if you’d like, (Blow drying is not necessary, although it won’t hurt if you want to.)

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8 thoughts on “Natural Hair Straightener”

  1. I don’t know if it works with 2% milk, you’ll have to try it to see.

    Yes, you wash it out of your hair, otherwise, by the end of the day you would smell like spoiled milk.

  2. hi liss,
    over the weekend i tried your no poo shampoo and vinegar rinse. i have been using the no poo for about a week and decided to try the rinse over the weekend without any mousse in my hair. i love how soft and clean it is but my hair is natually curly and so it was very frizzy.

    i am going to try this milk rinse next weekend ( and not use mousse) to see how it works. thanks.

  3. i tried this tonight, following the directions exactly. i was skeptical but tried it anyway. my hair is not even semi straight, it’s as curly as normal and i keep smelling milk faintly.


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