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Gnat, Fly and Mosquito Repellent

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Tired of applying harsh chemicals to your kids to keep the bugs off them? Here’s a simple, safe gnat, fly and mosquito repellent that you can apply to your little ones (and yourself!) that will keep those nasty biting bugs at bay!

This blend is excellent for young children and pets.
You’ll Need:
2 tablespoons vanilla extract (not the fake stuff)
2 cups water

Combine ingredients in a small spray/ spritz bottle, shake well to combine. To use, apply liberally, avoiding the eyes. This blend works well on Horses and dogs too.

If you’re allergic to vanilla and still looking for a solution, check out this other simple homemade herbal spray that is 10x’s More Effective than DEET.

What’s Your favorite Homemade Spray or Bug Repellent Tip that has worked for your family?

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