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Fire Starters

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Make your own Waterproof Fire Starters! Perfect for lighting campfires, bbq’s and more even when things are damp.

While the recipe lists paraffin wax, you can use any kind of wax that you prefer, including old candles, (or dollar store candles, chopped into pieces!), especially if you’re making a large number of fire starters to have on hand.
You’ll Need:
paper cups
1 c. paraffin, melted
1 1/2 cups sawdust

We recommend having a junk pot to make homemade recipes such as this, again, the dollar store often has pots and pans for $2-3 each.

Melt the wax and add the sawdust, stirring well to thoroughly coat. Spoon it into the paper cup and shove a single q-tip into the center. Pour about 1 Tbs of additional melted wax over the top of each Q-tip “wick” if you want the wick to also be waterproof.

To Use: Light the Q-tip wick with a match or lighter.

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7 thoughts on “Fire Starters”

  1. This sounds easy and much more cost effective than bought fire starters and much easier to start that regular starters. Thanks]

  2. You can also use dryer lint,toilet paper roll , newspaper or used paper,Qtips and wax if you want it water proof. Put a little crushed wax and a lot of lint in toilet roll and wrap it in paper then roll the whole thing in melted wax. Don’t forget a toilet paper tube of Baking Soda to put out a small unwanted fire.


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