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Natural Deer Repellent

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If the deer have discovered your garden or shrubbery, here’s a simple, all natural way to send them on their merry way!
Deer can destroy landscaping in a short period of time, as an adult deer eats an average of 4-8 pounds of food per day. If you happen to have hosta or azaleas, you’ve likely planted the perfect “buffet” and will certainly need to apply measures to protect your landscaping.

In addition to adding the repellent pouches, it is recommended to plant less palatable plant species throughout your landscaping, such as boxwood, false cypress, nandina, mahonia, spruce, bleeding hearts, catmint, ferns, salvia, yarrow and St. johnswort. While these plants help deter deer, keep in mind that the hungrier they are, the less picky they are.


Here’s the easiest and least expensive way that we’ve encountered to keep them at bay…

You’ll Need:
1 yard cheesecloth or old sheet (cut)
1 c. bloodmeal
1 c. hair clippings (beauty salon or barber shop)


Cut the fabric into small 8 ” squares, adding a 1-2 Tablespoons of bloodmeal and hair clippings in the center of each square.

Bring all 4 corners of the fabric together, creating pouches, then secure them in place with a rubberband or hair bands.


Attach the pouches to the shrubbery or plants in areas you wish to repel pesky deer.

How does it work?

Deer do not like the scent of other “animals”.

Luckily the bloodmeal will last through several rainstorms but should be replenished about once per month to ensure they continue working as desired.

Caution: Most dogs enjoy the taste of blood meal, which can cause diarrhea or gastrointestinal blockage in dogs so be sure to keep this out of reach of your pet.

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  1. could the blood meal attract predators or neighbourhood dogs. I had used blood meal in my garden yrs ago and ended up with a major problem with a neighbours dog digging like crazy in the garden. (yes I did notify the owner to keep his dog tied)


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