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    • Does it make your bathroom smell all vinegar-y and gross??

      I use vinegar to clean my kitchen floors with also. It actually takes away any smell. We live on a farm and my “mud room” gets smelly from our boots, etc.

      I use vinegar and water to clean the floor and it takes away the smell. Initially you will smell vinegar – but only for a very short time.

  1. vinegar is just a miracle cleaner. i use it all over my house. my father in law has copd and since i have gotten rid of chemical cleaners he has been so much better.

    the vinegar smell goes away and everything just smells clean, no fragrance like cover ups.

  2. i have a 1 gallon sprayer intended for weeds.
    I keep it pumped up and after every shower and in the morning swish n swipe toilet bowl.
    Enough soaps, perfumes, after shaves, shampoos etc. to add scents
    no one noticed the pickles.*chill*

  3. vinegar is a wonderful cleaner for the shower and i use it to clean the toilet and sinks in the bathrooom too. donna

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