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Christmas Snow

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MYO Christmas Snow

1/3 cup liquid starch
1 cup soap flakes (shaved ivory) or detergent granules
1 to 2 tablespoons water
Blue food coloring

Mix liquid starch into soap flakes. Using a hand mixer, gradually
add in the water, beating until the mix has the consistency of
marshmallow fluff or thick meringue. To achieve a icy effect,
carefully beat in a couple drops of blue food coloring.
To Use:
Dab the “snow” onto the tops & ends of your Christmas tree
branches using a paint brush or foam brush. For added effect,
sprinkle tiny amounts of glitter onto the “snow” before it dries.

CAUTION: Do not let pets lick this, tell young children not to
handle it, as they may end up with soap in their eyes.

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