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Cabinet Grease Remover

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It doesn’t seem to take long for the painted cabinets (& cupboards) nearest the stove to take on a greasy sheen or slightly sticky “greasy” feel. Here is a Cabinet/Cupboard Grease Remover that will cut through the grease and leave a nice natural sheen.

Our first experience with this homemade degreaser was shortly after my grandmothers death, when we attempted to clean out her house to get it ready for the real estate market. In addition to years of built up grease on the cabinetry, there was also more than 20 years of Nicotine stains to attend to. This simple homemade recipe cut through both, leaving the cabinets sparkling clean.

For clarification, this should only be used on PAINTED Cabinetry and the cabinets that we cleaned were in a pre-fab modular home that was nearly 30 years old. If you’re cleaning newer cabinetry, test an inconspicuous area first for potential discoloration.

You’ll Need:
1/4 cup baking soda
1 cup ammonia
1/2 cup white vinegar
1 gallon warm water

Fill the pail with water, add the ammonia, then the baking soda, stir, add the vinegar.

Soften the grease/dirt stains with a hot damp dishrag. Dip a clean, warm, wet washcloth in your homemade cleaning solution and lightly wash the cabinets, allowing the cleaner to set for a few minutes as needed. Rinse well with warm water & Wipe Dry with a clean cotton cloth.

It helps to rub in a circular motion.

For Laminate Cabinets: One of our members swears by the following mix for removing tough gummy grease buildup on laminate cabinets. Add the soap to an empty bucket, fill with warm water and then add ammonia.

1 cup Ammonia
1 Tbs Dawn Dish Soap
1 Gallon Warm Water

Wear gloves when using anything containing ammonia, wash the cupboards with a soft cloth, to get the corners easily, use an old toothbrush!

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9 thoughts on “Cabinet Grease Remover”

  1. i can’t wait to try this we are getting ready to sell our home and this will make the job in the kitchen a lot easier!!

  2. this is also my mothers recipe for an all purpose cleaner. it cleans almost everything and doesn’t need rinsing!
    also, helps clean drain pipes when you pour it out.

  3. I just asked my husband what our cupboards are made of, and it’s wood that is laminated, This house was built in the early 70’s, and there are spots that look dirty, and nothing has cleaned it entirely yet. Does anyone know if this cleaner will work on this?


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