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Barbecue Fire Starters

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Make your own Campfire or BBQ Fire Starters! These simple, do it yourself fire starters are perfect for getting the charcoal going without lighter fluid, or getting logs to ignite without searching and scouring for kindling.

You’ll Need:
1 pound paraffin wax, melted
Sawdust or wood shavings

Mix melted wax w/ sawdust or wood shavings and then fill each hole of empty egg carton (cardboard).

Allow to harden & cut into 12 units, cardboard and all.

To Use:

Place 1 cube in the grill, cover with briquettes and light. Cook when coals are gray & red. Alternatively, place 2 cubes in a fire pit and place logs in a triangular position above them (to allow oxygen to reach and feed the flames. Light the campfire starters and enjoy the fire!


Paraffin wax can be purchased at the grocery store, or on Amazon. It’s frequently found in the canning aisle or with the spices.

You don’t have to use paraffin though, you can reuse wax tarts that have lost their scent, old candle wax, etc.

Alternatively, you can fill paper dixie cups with the mixture and add a wick (completely optional) before pouring in the melted wax/sawdust filling.

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