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Ant Bait

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Ants can become a huge problem in a short period of time and store-bought ant baits certainly are not cheap! Try this very simple 2 ingredient recipe to get rid of the pests that plague your home (office, camper, etc).

Combine the following into a small container with ant-size holes in the lid:

2 T parts boric acid
4 T jelly or cracker crumbs

Worker ants will carry bits of this mix back to the nest, helping to eradicate your ant problem. Please be aware Boric Acid can be harmful to children & pets, so be sure to place your traps away from their reach.

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1 thought on “Ant Bait”

  1. i’m going to try this tonight. we’ve had a lot of rain here and it has driven the little buggers up into my house…


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