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All-Purpose Tree Fertilizer

Making your own all-purpose tree fertilizer is actually pretty simple and you get 10x’s as much fertilizer for a fraction of the price by mixing your own.

In addition to fertilizing your trees, it’s imperative that you properly prune them as well. Here’s an in-depth article that outlines three common mistakes you should definitely avoid when pruning trees.all-purpose-tree-fertilizer

All-Purpose Tree Fertilizer Recipe

3 lb. cottonseed meal, soy meal, or blood meal
2 lb. finely ground raw phosphate rockor steamed bone meal
3 lb wood ashes, granite rock or greens
1 lb. colomitic limestone
Mix all materials well in a 5 gallon pail. It’s easier to add “layers” of each of the ingredients in order to blend them thoroughly.

If you’re unsure of what the ingredients look like (or should look like, simply visit the links we’ve provided).

Apply 1 pound of fertilizer for each foot of the drip line diameter of the tree (3 feet = 12 pounds).

Lime powder is commonly found at any Farmers Supply store, Farmers Union store, garden supply store, Lowes, Home Depot, etc. While we have links to them online so you can view what they look like, be aware that it’s not really cost-effective to order them online.

Wood ashes are exactly as they sound, Wood Ashes. So the next time you have a gathering around the fire pit to enjoy a warm evening, save the ashes for your trees.


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    • Where do you get this stuff….:dontknow:

      There are links to each of the items to purchase them on Amazon, or you can go to your local Feed Store, Tractor Supply (Chain Store), many of the items are available at Lowes/ Home Depot, Menards, Etc.


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