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  1. i have also heard that if you spray your patio furniture with listerine, you will never have another mosquito in the area. until it rains of course. they you would need to re-apply.

  2. i will have to try this, this year… mosquitos love me and i seldom go outside after dark because of this. we live close to the river and the mosquitos are every where….

    i will definitely try this 🙂 thanks 🙂

  3. hi, we live in fl. does this work and if so i really would use this as they love to bite me outside and inside my house. :dontknow:

  4. i’ll try! let’s see what happens ^__^ my poor daughter gets the worst of it. bites everywhere that get super swollen.

    so we spend crazy money on bug sprays and cortisones.

  5. if anyone knows a tried and true sure fire way to get rid of mosquitos without toxic chemicals, please post it here…i am going to check back soon! i have tried so many different things, and nothing has worked yet 🙁 but i am not giving up!:worthy:

  6. We have acreage that is heavily wooded. Ticks and mosquitoes are a big issue. Hate using deet sprays.

    The best alternative we have found is a massage oil containing eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil. We rub ourselves all over with this (including a light brush on the hair) and do not have an issue with skeeters nor ticks. Our original source for this has dried up, however I have located a store that contains the components, am going to try to mix my own.

    If I get a working formula will post it, but similar concoctions should be out there

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