Homemade Antifungal Baby Wipes

How to MYO Antifungal Baby Wipes

Recently commercial baby wipes have come under fire for a sudden breakout of nasty, painful rashes in children and infants. These rashes are frequently caused by a reaction to the many chemicals used in the wipes. Rather than subject your hands and your children’s sensitive skin to these caustic chemicals, here is a simple money-saving homemade Antifungal Baby Wipes recipe that you can make yourself.


This particular recipe helps to discourage Yeast Diaper rash and is soothing to the skin. In our house, there are a few essential ingredients that we always have on hand- a set of quality essential oils (not to be confused with Fragrance oils, which are synthetic and should NOT be used directly in skincare products!), aloe vera gel, vinegar, and homemade calendula oil (which we frequently use in various homemade salves and lotions for its excellent healing benefits).

Antifungal Baby Wipes Recipe

You’ll Need:
1/2 c. distilled water
1 tsp. vinegar
1/4 c. aloe vera gel
1 Tbs calendula oil
2 drop lavender essential oil
2 drop tea tree essential oil

In order to make your own Baby wipes you’ll need the following three items:

1. Paper Towels (preferably a soft brand)
2. Anti-Fungal Solution Above
3. Container to put them in (we used a mason jar & recap lids)

How to MYO Antifungal Baby Wipes

How to Make Antifungal Baby Wipes:

* First, using a serrated knife, cut the paper towel roll in half and place that half in a gallon size zip-style bag.

* Mix all the ingredients of the solution together and pour it over the cut paper towels in the zip-style bag. Allow the Anti-Fungal baby wash solution to absorb the moisture for at least 20 minutes.

* Carefully slide the cardboard center out of the paper towels by grasping the edge, twisting gently and pulling.

* Starting from the center of the roll, pull out one at a time to use. We always start the wipes from the center before placing them in the jar/container because sometimes they get squished in the process.

* Place the wet paper towels in the container you plan to store them in. You can leave them in the zip-style bag, or you can transfer them to a coffee can, or mason jar. We’re opting to use a quart mason jar. Seal with a lid. In the photo here we are simply using a mason jar with a plastic recap lid.

Paper Product (choose one)

Paper Towels (soft), Bounty, Viva, or a good brand that won’t fall apart.

CONTAINER (choose one)

Empty Shortening Can
Ice Cream Bucket
Mason Jar with Recap Lid
Any small round container with plastic lid

With all these containers, you can cut an “X” into the plastic lid and then pull them out that way. It will hold the moisture in better. Have fun decorating the container if giving as a gift!

In addition to being more economical, most people claim these formulas cause fewer irritations on the skin, like this one below.

Photo of Rash Caused by some Commercial Baby Wipe Brands

Photo Credit: Dr Mary Wu Chang

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  1. in the above you mention “homemade calendula oil (which we frequently use in various homemade salves and lotions for it’s excellent healing benefits).”

    where do i find the directions for making this? i searched all over the website without any success. thanks.

    • In the above you mention “homemade calendula oil (which we frequently use in various homemade salves and lotions for it’s excellent healing benefits).”

      Where do I find the directions for making this? I searched all over the website without any success. Thanks.

      It’s super hard to make 😉 you put 1 oz of calendula flowers in a pint jar and cover with a carrier oil such as almond or grapeseed. Seal it, store it in a dark place and shake it once per day. After 10 days, you have Calendula oil. Strain it and use it as needed.

  2. i’ve taken the homemade baby wipes one step further and instead of using paper towel, i’ve cut fleece into squares and made reusable wipes and stored them in a recycled wipes container. just toss ’em in the wash when soiled.

  3. Thanks for the ideas. I used to make some wipes for sticky kid fingers out of paper towels, but am/was buying flushable wipes for the bathroom. I could be making my own from toilet tissue, duh!

  4. I got so worried when people would use the sanitizing wipes at the store for kid’s mouths. These were hospital strength. Now they changed to hand wipes which are a bit less caustic.

    People, protect those little ones and READ the directions!

  5. As much as I prefer good old soap and hot water I can understand how these would come in useful for people with small children, nice recipe

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