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Zipper Fixer

Occasionally after digging seasonal clothes out of storage, the zippers seem to stick. Here’s a very simple fix for an old zipper that doesn’t want to work correctly . . .

Sticky Zipper:
If your Zipper is continually sticking, run a bar of soap up and down the “teeth”. This will create an easy lubricant that won’t hurt the fabric of the clothing piece.

Always Open Pants Zipper:
Worse than a sticky zipper is one that seems to “Fall” open and never stay up! If you’re zipper won’t stay up on your pants, here’s an easy fix to get you through the night (while still managing to wear your favorite jeans!)

Loop a girl’s hair tie to the top of the zipper slider, pushing one end of the hair tie through the loop of the handle used to close the zipper.
Then Feed one end of the tie through the other end and pull, creating a loop with the hair tie. Use the open ended loop to Attach the top of the zipper to the pants button.

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3 thoughts on “Zipper Fixer”

  1. this trick really does work! my family has been using the soap trick with success all of my life 🙂 the hair band trick works well if you have some thin hair bands about too. annette

    • Fill a spray bottle with white distilled vinegar & Spray the zipper corrosion areas with the vinegar. Using an old toothbrush, work the vinegar into the teeth of the zipper.

      Douse the slider with vinegar and allow it to sit for three to five minutes before attempting to slide it back and forth.

      If the zipper is heavily corroded, you’ll likely need to repeat this process several times. Carefully work the zipper pull up and down the teeth of the zipper until it slides easily.

      Alternatively, if you can apply coca-cola to the zipper without getting in on the rest of the fabric, it will EAT the corrosion.


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