colossal travel hacks

Colossal Travel Hacks

I have a confession, I LOVE to travel, I don’t care where, when, or how far we go, it could be 3 miles while geocachingor 3,500 miles (to Ireland!).In any case, with rising baggage fees, increased security, etc, it can be difficult and expensive to pack everything you need, or so you might Think! Here are some of our favorite travel hacks . . .

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5ca00f89efdb1 traveling spy game

Traveling Spy Game

Yeah! It’s vacation time. Whether it’s fun in the sun or visiting family and friends back home, you can’t wait to get there and have fun. All of a sudden, it hits you…that long drive. The kids constantly asking, “are we there yet?” Maybe the kids get really bored and cranky and start hollering, “He’s touching me!” or “She made a face at me!” Well, the Traveling Spy Game can help prevent all that, even if only one person wants to play!

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