chicken or pork egg rolls

Chicken (or Pork) Egg Rolls

Who doesn’t love egg rolls??? Did you know they are extremely easy and budget friendly? Do you need a recipe for that leftover chicken you saved in the freezer? Have the itch for Chinese food, with this recipe you can stretch 1 chicken breast to basically feed the family for a night or fill your freezer with them, ready to cook at a moments notice.

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creative soups from china

Creative Soups from China

A Chinese folk tale tells of a very wealthy man–let’s call him Mr. Chang–who didn’t have to worry about food and life’s basic necessities. So every evening after dinner, he threw the leftovers away. A neighborhood beggar retrieved the food as soon as Mr. Chang was out of sight. Some years went by, and Mr. Chang had a tremendous financial setback. He lost everything–his beautiful home, his possessions, every asset he had. Mr. Chang realized he’d now have to . . .

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