Super Laundry Sauce for Dummies

Are you a bit domestically challenged? Try our Super Laundry Sauce for Dummies! This 7 minute, No Mess, no-cook laundry detergent recipe makes enough Heavy Duty Laundry Detergent to wash 128 Loads of laundry, but it takes up very little room and costs less than $2.00 to make.

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5ca0044fa0ee8 how to remove oil stains that have set

How to Remove Oil Stains that have Set

Many of you are already familiar with the old chalk trick for removing accidental oil stains on clothing.. like if you spill salad dressing on your favorite blouse, or you’re cooking bacon in the frying pan splattering your favorite shirt with it’s little “kisses”. Some of you may be wondering, what do I use if I didn’t catch the stain the first time around… well, take heart.. there’s a fix for that.

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5ca00e93ab3e6 lavender super laundry sauce softener concentrate

Lavender Super Laundry Sauce & Softener Concentrate

Tired of spending $10-20 on a “Big” bottle of laundry detergent that lasts only a couple weeks? Here is a Super Concentrated Laundry Detergent Recipe that doubles as a laundry softener with a clean fresh Lavender scent- as if that weren’t enough, you won’t need a dryer sheet either! Oh, and did we happen to mention that it costs less than $2 to make enough concentrate to do 128 Loads of laundry?!

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5ca00ee8442a8 super laundry bombs

Super Laundry Bombs

There are occasions when you have some seriously Filthy clothing that needs to be washed. These little beauties are “Da Bomb”, Laundry Bombs – that is! I created this recipe out of necessity after my husband decided his truck needed to be repainted and his nice jeans became embedded with bondo, paint thinner, grease and god knows what else! While I normally use our Super Laundry Sauce recipe, there are occasions that a Laundry Bomb is necessary,48 loads of laundry for $0.88

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how to make your own powdered soap in 2 minutes flat

How to Make your Own Powdered Soap in 2 minutes Flat

Many DIY household recipes call for “Powdered Soap”, which used to be something that you could purchase in a box in the laundry detergent aisle of your favorite grocery store. Those times have passed and nowadays, if you want powdered soap, you must make your own. Here’s a super easy way to make powdered soap in about 2 minutes flat . . .

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super laundry sauce stain test

Super Laundry Sauce Stain Test

Since we shared our Super Laundry Sauce Recipe many have asked “How is it on Tough Stains?” We thought we’d put it to the test. We took fresh grimy dirt, ketchup & Mustard and ground them right into white washcloths. Since most people don’t have a chance to treat stains until they go to launder them, we let them set overnight to dry into the fabric, allowing them to set it. Then, we washed them with our homemade Super Laundry sauce, without pre-treating them at all . . . and here are our results…

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homemade laundry color catcher sheets

Homemade Laundry Color Catcher Sheets

If you’re the one that does the majority of laundry in your home, chances are that somewhere along the way you’ve learned that you must sort the dirty clothing prior to washing, whites in one pile, vibrant colors in a another and darks in yet a third. But, what happens if you happen to have a little extra “help” one week and not everyone in your house is on board with laundry sorting? Well, I tell you exactly what happens and how you can prevent it from ever happening again . . .

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