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How to Remove Oil Stains that have Set

Many of you are already familiar with the old chalk trick for removing accidental oil stains on clothing.. like if you spill salad dressing on your favorite blouse, or you’re cooking bacon in the frying pan splattering your favorite shirt with it’s little “kisses”. Some of you may be wondering, what do I use if I didn’t catch the stain the first time around… well, take heart.. there’s a fix for that.

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How To Clean Dishwasher Filter

Is your dishwasher letting you down? You trust the dishwasher to clean and sterilize your dishes. Did you know there is a filter inside your dishwasher akin to a dryer filter? Common sense leads you to believe that when you wash the dishes you are cleaning the inside of your machine as well. Most people don’t realize that in the bottom of the dishwasher is a festering pool of mineral deposits, food bacteria, and greasy film. . . .

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