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Data Entry or Transcription Services

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Working at home as a data entry or as a virtual assistant is a good task for those individuals who are staying at home. These jobs are similar to real life job with the exception that you are working at home through your internet connection and through your computer.

This means that you are being paid to do some projects and you are not being paid to slack off. By reading further, readers would be able to grasp their answers on how to create a home based business that would help you generate extra income.

How to start a home based business as a Transcriptionist

Basically, there are three essential elements that must be considered before working as a transcriptionist. The first essential element is that you know how to communicate by speaking and especially by writing. A lot of individuals believe that it is a must to speak in English. This is true; however, there are certain employers who favour individuals to work in their specific language such as those in Japan, China, Europe and French. The second important element is that you have a good computer and you know how to use it. The basis of having a good computer is if you can run all work related applications smoothly such as those Microsoft office documents. The third important element is a strong internet connection. Strong is defined as something that allows you to work and to communicate with your boss without connection errors.

These are the basic essential elements to allow a person to work in a business that requires transcription services and other data entry jobs before becoming a good virtual assistant that is flexible in a wide industry. If the basic elements are present, other things should be continuously studied to improve your services as a transcriptionist or as a data entry specialist. Some of the other things that must be studied are making a blog, writing an article on a specific niche, using spreadsheets, promoting products, making letters, making cover sheets and all other related data entry jobs that would be required by your employer as you work for a virtual assistant.

Training for advanced skills may be attained by paying for a fee in seminars or webinars or through rigorous study which is currently being done by individuals who loves computers.

How to find transcription or data entry work

Finding a job as a virtual assistant, data entry professional, or any other jobs that include transcription services may be the most difficult part in this business because of two reasons. The first reason is that looking for jobs is always hard because of competitions. There are employees who are always better than us and this process is similar to real life job applications that are really difficult to pass; the only exception about this process is that you do it at home. The second reason why this is difficult is because of scam artists are scattered everywhere and they are much trained to do their job well. Despite this difficulties, there are certain ways to find work or in this business as a transcriptionist.

In finding a site that you would look for a job, always look for user reviews. If there are no user reviews, do not use that site and go to somewhere else. The first rule is to never let yourself be the first victim. The next rule in finding a job is never to pay on something. Paying for a certain amount for a job is a high risk job that may be considered already as a scam. Just in case you forgot: a job is something that pays you for a work and not the other way around. It is alright to pay for trainings or seminars but these things do not guarantee the job. Always remember that.

Here are some of the few sites that offer transcription and other related work at home business services:,,,, – Alternatively, if you are looking for immediate data entry/Transcription work in your area you can use the WAH Job search by state in the right hand side of this page.

How to get Started

Stated below are the basic short steps on how to start.
Visit those sites now and read their instructions. Sign up and make an account. Create a portfolio. Answer and get high scores at their work related exams. Apply in different businesses. Work once you are hired. Receive your pay after the work is done. End of story.

Typical Expense

There should be no typical expense for an online job working as a transcriptionist in the online word. The only expense would be your computer, your internet connection, and your skills training. Those are variable costs that you yourself should budget. As far as virtual assistant job, data entry job, and other transcription services are concerned, the typical start up expense is $0; nothing more and nothing less.

Potential earnings

For starters, you should be aware of the word “realistic” that means that you don’t expect thousands and thousands of dollars would go through your account every day or at least every month. This is not the case of first timers.
The potential earnings for transcription services are offered by three interdependent criteria and those are the skills, expertise and the long hours that you have been working. First timers in this industry may earn at least $100 dollars a month. It is true that there are individuals who are earning thousands already in these businesses but everyone must start from its lowest grounds.

Potential Permits and Licenses

As far as the online world is concerned, there are none. It is true that taxes are important since this is a work and you get paid, but it isn’t really relevant once if you are just starting your job. It is true that some licenses are allowed such as your certificates in seminars to attract more individuals; however, there are no certificates that exist in the online world that separates those who can work and those who can’t.
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  1. liveops is a wah i did a few years ago. pick your own hours and days. pay checks were always on time and cleared.

    has some of the corporate bs but basicly a good deal. also heard of a call center called west.


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