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Psychics & Tarot Readers

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How to Begin working from Home as a Tarot Card Reader
Having your cards read is a fascinating experience and with many years in this business sector many people have acquired wisdom in the interpretation of the cards. The psychic readers should be prepared before the meeting. He/ she should be well versed with the knowledge in the particular sector e.g. a tarot reader should know the symbolic meaning of each of the cards. Tarot cards are symbolic and are more of a skill learned as compared to other psychic methods. The skill could be perfected with time by anyone and the easiest way to learn quickly is by use of tarot card reading books.

The most well known and widely used tarot is the Rider-Waite Tarot deck. It’s also one of the easiest decks to learn as the cards depict full scenes with figures and symbols, making them easier to remember their meanings.


To obtain consistent readings as well as realistic interpretations, the level of trust invested should be high and utmost transparency should be exercised. Reliable frequent clients are able to get all these qualities from the readers.

Becoming a psychic/ tarot reader is a very convenient way of making money on your own schedule. This could be a part time venture or you may as well engage in it on a full time basis.

The tools of the trade include tarot cards, telephone, a clear hands-free headset, and a comfortable seat, as you can easily be on the phone for several hours straight with no time off!

You will need to select a “psychic” name you will be using. Most readers pick a name that brings out an aura of their trade. Start your practical sessions on mainly family and friends free until you have mastered the skill. Be keen on the information the clients give you as their readings will revolve around that. You should learn to pay close attention in order to connect with the client.

Readings done over the phone are charged based on the minutes spent on the readings. The readings are mainly charged per minute ranging from $4 and upwards depending on the skills of the reader, the demand for that particular reader and the length of time he or she is with the company that hires them.

Be aware that if you work for a company rather than finding and scheduling your own customers, you’ll likely be paid 14¢-24¢ per minute. These companies have managers who operate small groups known as “bookstores”. When you’re ready to work you simply call a number that has been provided to you to “login” to their service and then phone calls will be routed directly to your home phone.

It is imperative that you disable call-waiting prior to logging in to work as this can get your contract terminated if a customer is interrupted from an incoming call on your line. The internet is another convenient way to give readings and is catching up quickly.

Keep a log of each and every single call, include the time that call came into your phone and the exact minute it ended. Oftentimes first time callers will hang up mid-sentence once their first 3 minutes is up. The longer the customer is on the line, the higher ranking you’ll receive which means that you’ll receive call priority over other readers with the company.

You could enlist in an already existing company (aka bookstore) or establish your own. Advertising your services would boost your market greatly. By doing this, you could also be in touch with other readers. If you’re working with a company do not be tempted to give the caller your direct number for additional readings as they frequently employee the use of mystery shoppers, which will get your contract terminated and result in them keeping any monies you’ve already earned.

When conducting the readings, it is advisable to be taking down notes. If it is over the phone, a headset would be suffice the same way a webcam would be if it is online. There are many psychic experts around depending on the various fields e.g. love, fortune telling, picture reading, career forecasting, sex and intimacy, health, graphology etc. Regardless of which field you choose to specialize in, be sure that your marketing states that your service is for ENTERTAINMENT ONLY, lest you risk the chance of being sued.


Most companies tend to offer their services for free mainly on the internet. For instance the Keen website offers you a few minutes reading through a webcam but afterwards a standard rate is charged per minute. Some psychics tend to offer you a free demonstration before to attract you to their services.

One of the legit companies to work for is the Association of Certified Psychics. It differentiates scams from legitimate businesses as well as consumer protection. Another company is the Psychic Entertainers Association which consists of mentalists, psychic readers as well as hypnotists.

The Parapsychological Association is a company where people learn the art of psychic reading and telepathy. In the end, quality service speaks for itself.

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