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Usborne Books Distributor

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Becoming an Usborne Books consultant is a straightforward process and extremely rewarding.

Begin by filling in an agreement which can be accessed easily on the website. This consists of a few personal details and terms and conditions for you to read. Shortly after joining you will receive a starter kit containing all the information, stationery and books necessary to begin working from home.

This kit is worth £100 and as your business increases, you are able to search through a catalog of books supplied by Usborne in order to expand your portfolio. You will also be assigned a mentor who will guide you through the process and be on hand to answer any queries you may have in the first instance as well as beyond. Usborne Boooks also provides an array of advice and information on their website to help you successfully work from home. And the head office is happy to accept questions and offer any help or information you may need.

In order to join Usborne Books as a consultant, the initial joining fee is currently $99.

This gives you full access to their services and starter kit mentioned earlier. Providing you get off to a good start and receive orders, Usborne also give you the $99 back. The two page agreement can either be posted or faxed to them with card details for your payment. The kit will then be sent out to you within a few days, but you will also receive a welcome email in the meantime outlining all the information you need, including your log in details. Therefore, there is no delay in getting started with Usborne Books, work from home immediately.

The potential earnings are relatively high, but are determined by both the amount of hours you commit to and consequently the orders you receive.

The earnings begin at 25%;so £1 for every £4 of books you sell. However it is important to note that this rate increases as your customer base grows. There are also many incentives offered by Usborne Books including Gala Dinners and Award Ceremonies, VIP trips and free books for yourself and your children.
Establishing a good customer base can be daunting, but taking small steps and understanding your aims and objectives can be the key to successful growth. Be confident in your business and have a good understanding of your products. Begin by hosting parties for friends and family, be open to their comments and take on board these opinions when assessing your business model. Encourage your customers to spread the word to others and consider advertising and marketing approaches. There are options to speak with local businesses and schools. Once you feel confident to approach larger organizations like schools, it is possible to reach further customers through the parents of children attending the school. The possibilities are endless, and you can also encourage others to become organizers themselves thus becoming an Usborne Leader, increasing your customer base and earning potential. You will earn bonuses based upon your organizers earnings.

Working from home with Usborne Books is flexible, rewarding and helping to promote literature to children and adults alike.

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