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Mary Kay

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Mary Kay is a leading brand of cosmetic products whose global wholesale sums up to $2.5 billion. They pride themselves in making products that are both effective in improving the way you look and how you live your life and how they create products that are truly safe to use by everyone.
One of the secrets of Mary Kay’s success is in how they hire independent beauty consultants that can work from their homes and how almost anyone can be employed by them.

To get started in being a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, you first have to look for someone who is currently a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. Once you locate a consultant, she (or he!) will become your mentor and provide you with an Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement form to sign.

After only a few days of signing your agreement sheet, you will receive your Mary Kay Starter Kit bag which contains sample sizes of a lot of Mary Kay’s best sellers for you to give out to your friends and family so that they could try and possibly want to buy your Mary Kay products as well as the sales tools you need to succeed in this business. You would be surprised to know that this jam-packed bag will only cost you $100.

  • Right away, you can get:
  • A FREE custom color look ($115 value).*
  • Opportunities to earn FREE products.**
  • A FREE business announcement eCard.
  • A 50 percent savings on your Mary Kay® Personal Web Site.
  • A 40 percent savings on a business kit that includes your business cards.

What you will earn from selling Mary Kay’s products is 50% of the total price of the products you were able to sell. This business side of Mary Kay actually makes them the highest income earning percentages in the industry. Aside from the big cut you get from selling their products, you yourself would get free products from Mary Kay starting with their custom color look which is priced at $115.

To be able to succeed in this business and to be able to sell a lot of products, what you need is a lot of people you can go to and sell your Mary Kay products to. The first group people you would need to approach would be the people you are closest to who are your family and friends. Every time you reach out to one of them, make sure to ask them if there is anyone they know who will be interested in the products you are selling. To further you skills in selling more products, it would also be a really good idea to ask help from beauty consultants you know (check our forums for additional support) and even the one from who you signed up with and get tips from them on what they did to establish a great customer base.

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