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Thirty-One Gifts

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If you are seeking a fun and rewarding opportunity to work from home – whether to generate additional income or as a full-time business prospect – then you should consider becoming Thirty-One Gifts Representative.

Thirty-One Gifts offers a wide collection of gifts and accessories that are fashionable, functional and at reasonable price. Their product line includes various items: from monogrammed purses and handbags to stationery and kitchen accessories.
Thirty-One Gifts is a direct sales company founded in 2003 by Cindy Monroe – a busy working mom who decided that it was time to make a change in her life. She started sewing purses in her own home and nine years later the company has expanded to 60,000 consultants nationwide. Thirty-One Gifts’ stated mission is to provide quality products and to offer women an excellent opportunity to become prosperous business owners.

How to join this successful team?

Every new Thirty-One Gifts Representative must have a sponsor – an already existing Thirty-One Gifts consultant whose job is to coach you and provide mentorship. So in order to join you have two options – if you are a customer ask for sponsorship your own consultant or if you have not purchased Thirty-One Gifts’ products before just visit the company’s website and use the option Find A Consultant. Fill in your contact details and specify that you are interested in more information on the business opportunity. Your request will be submitted to one of the experienced consultants who has already shown great commitment to her business. You will be contacted promptly and provided with all the necessary additional information and contact details of representatives in your area.

The only investment required from you is to purchase the Enrollment kit for $99 and for this price you will actually receive products worth $300. Upon arrival of this starter kit you will be fully equipped to start your own business as Thirty-One Gifts Representative.

The initial commission received by the newly joined consultants is 25% of the sales they make. This initial compensation grows in time as the consultant develops her own sponsorship base. Usually the sales are made at a party where the Thirty-One Gifts Representative markets and sells the products to her friends and guests. However there is no need for the consultant to be the actual hostess of the party. The hostess could be one of her friends or clients and this should be an appealing option for them because depending on the party’s revenue each hostess receives free products and the opportunity to buy half-price items and hostess exclusive items at a discount.

The company offers two catalogs per year – spring/summer collection issued in February and autumn/winter collection issued in July.
So if you enjoy direct sales and feel comfortable presenting products at parties this is an opportunity you should try – you will be in control of your own business and the earning potential is virtually unlimited. You can start selling to your friends and family and in time you could become sponsor, establish and lead your own team and maximize your earnings.

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  1. In addition, consultants only need to submit $200 in sales every three months in order to remain active with Thirty-One. Thirty-One’s qualifying party is only $200! Staying active is very easy!

    You may also be wondering, Is it possible to get a website for consultants through the company? Yes, Thirty-One charges you $16.95 per month for your consultant website and all marketing emails sent on your behalf.


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