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Tupperware Consultant

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Tupperware is a large manufacturer of innovative kitchen storage products such as aquasafe, canister, dry storage, food preparation, freezer, fridge smart, lunch ‘n’ outdoor, microwave, refrigerator and serving, introduced to the people in 1946. The materials used to make

all Tupperware products are very safe, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic; so that these products will not release any harmful chemicals to the food and liquid contents. Tupperware products are available in attractive trendy colors, with fabulous designs and smooth finishing. Also Tupperware products are made up of microwave safe materials. These products could be considered as a life-long investment and so they guarantee an environment free from pollution.

Marketing Tupperware provides an ideal work-from-home opportunity for women. Tupperware makes it possible for women own a business that could be done with their own working schedules and they can earn an extra income too. Tupperware products are usually sold through parties hosted by independent consultants. The host earns rewards that can be used for future Tupperware purchases/cash benefits. In several countries Tupperware products are sold with lifetime guarantee.

To Become a Tupperware Consultant:

To become a member of the Tupperware family or commonly known as a Tupperware Consultant, first you have to find out a consultant who sells products in your locality. From the company’s website you can easily trace and find the Tupperware consultant very close to your house. Moreover, you will have to purchase any one of the two start-up kits. The Business Kit, costing $79.99, consists of products with $355 as a retail value. The second one, Executive Kit, costing $119.99, contains products having $525 as its retail value. Your consultant can help you with the necessary steps to get the business going and the company will provide training and support to sell Tupperware.

The Earnings as a Tupperware Consultant:
The company’s website shows a detailed information regarding the earnings a Tupperware consultant can make in a month. In the beginning he/she can earn an average monthly income $1000. This includes 35% of the profit you make as a retailer and the commissions 14% and 7% obtained through your group’s sales and the sales your recruits make for the company respectively. In addition, Tupperware encourages its consultants with bonuses like luxury –paid vacations and costly diamond jewelry.

Also, Tupperware offers the Dream Drivers Rewards Programs by which the top-sellers are honored with expense-free cars such as BMWs, Cadillac and Mercedes-Benz. The winners might opt for cash instead of the cars.

To Become a Successful Tupperware Consultant:
A Tupperware Consultant can establish a strong customer base in three ways, by hosting parties, through the website provided by the company and having Tupperware access points in malls and big shopping complexes in his/her area. Also, it is very important to sell maximum number of products and recruit other people to the company in order to thrive as a Tupperware Consultant and to establish your work from home business.
For hosting online parties, you don’t need a consultant’s support. If your online party sales are less than $200, you will not be awarded while $200 and above will fetch you a 10% of the party sales.

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